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Mission statement

  • It is our aim to develop and manufacture high-quality medical products to high, customer-driven specifications. Safety for patients and users and the protection of the environment are paramount. 

    Promises are there to be kept. We do not offer any equipment, function or other services before we are able or allowed to deliver, even if that means that some potential customers will go elsewhere.

  • We work in partnership with our clients and do our best to give them honest, professional advice, going out of our way to ensure orders are delivered on time to the exact specifications. Building and maintaining a trust relationship with our customers is the keystone of our business.

    As a large proportion of our business lies in export, we work closely with our sales partners and clients abroad, respecting and adapting to different cultures. We adhere to international business practice and have a non-discrimination policy.

  • We work in partnership with our suppliers and expect them to work just as professionally as our own staff. Any discrepancies in expectations are sorted out in a friendly, constructive atmosphere.

    We aim to maintain an open and healthy company culture, in which a strong professional team may tirelessly seek new challenges, by respecting the individuality of each employee, striving to promote each one's abilities, and implementing a fair and appropriate system of evaluation and rewards.

  • We are continuously striving to add value to our assets through sensible and transparent management that is not only looking for profit, but also building adequate reserves. It has always been company policy to improve corporate governance and invest substantially in Research and Development in order to fulfil our clients' expectations in the future.

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