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Legal Responsibilities

Dr. Langer Medical GmbH

Am Bruckwald 26
79183 Waldkirch

Phone +49 (0) 76 81 – 47 45 4-0
Fax +49 (0) 76 81 – 47 45 4-29

Commercial register entry at Amtsgericht Freiburg, HRB 280357 / USt.-IdNr. DE 812073094
Editor, managing director and responsible for website content: Dr. Andreas Langer
Managers authorized to represent the company: Dr. Andreas Langer, Dipl.-Ing. Heike Langer


Dr. Langer Medical GmbH does not give any guarantees for the information to be up-to-date, accurate and complete. Any liability claims against Dr. Langer Medical GmbH, referring to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the available information or the use of false or incomplete information are generally rejected, unless it can be shown that Dr. Langer Medical GmbH used deliberately misleading information or acted in gross negligence. 

All offers are subject to change and non-binding. Dr. Langer Medical GmbH expressly reserves the right of partially changing webpages or the entire website through modification, addition or deletion, or even suspending or terminating the publication without prior notice.

References and Links

Information contained in third-party websites to which links have been placed on the Dr. Langer Medical GmbH website remains the copyright of the linked site. Liability could only be claimed if Dr. Langer Medical GmbH were aware of unlawful content on these sites and could have been expected to bar access. Dr. Langer Medical GmbH therefore declares that at the time of placing the links, these were free of unlawful content. As Dr. Langer Medical GmbH has no means of influencing the current or future contents of third-party websites, it declines liability for content dating from after the link was placed. This applies to all links placed within our website as well as external links placed into the visitors' books, discussion forums or mailing lists. Unlawful, erroneous or incomplete information on these sites is the sole responsibility of the website in question, and complaints should not be directed at Dr. Langer Medical GmbH.

Copy & Labelling Right

Dr. Langer Medical GmbH makes an effort to comply with the copyright of all graphics, sound and video sources as well as texts in its publications. We also use our own graphics, sound and video sources and texts as well as those that are license-free. All brand and trade names used on this website, to which third-party legal protection may apply, are entirely subject to the relevant legislation and the owners' property rights. The fact that a product is named does not lead to the conclusion that the brand name is not protected by third-party rights. The copyright for items produced and published by Dr. Langer Medical GmbH Copyright remains exclusively with Dr. Langer Medical GmbH. Copying graphics, sound and video sources as well as texts for usage in printed or online material is prohibited, unless special permission is granted by Dr. Langer Medical GmbH.

Legal Disclaimer

This disclaimer refers to the website to which it has been linked. Should any passages or wordings not conform to current legislation, this will not affect the validity of the rest of the document.

All rights reserved, Dr. Langer Medical GmbH

The website content is protected by copyright and may be copied and printed for non-commercial and information purposes, as long as the copyright is mentioned. Dr. Langer GmbH reserves the right to withdraw this permission at any time. Documents/webpages must not be copied, archived or saved on other servers, used in newsgroups, online services or on CD ROMs without prior written consent by the company. They may, however, be copied into cache or a proxy server for quick access. We give explicit permission and welcome the quoting of our documents and websites and the placing of links to our website.

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