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Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

  • Disposable stimulation probes

    Disposable probes for instant use add flexibility and safety to your surgical equipment. The elegant ergonomic design ensures a safe grip and excellent functionality. Again, we offer a wide range of disposable probes that should meet your requirements. Even if you generally prefer reusable equipment, it may be a good idea to keep a few disposable probes in store just in case of a logistics problem.

  • Microfork probe

    A microfork probe is the probe of choice for applications that involve the preparation of the target nerve. The probe is an excellent stimulator of surface tissue, yielding reliable results, keeping stimulus artefacts at a minimum. Microfork probes are primarily used in thyroid and spinal surgery.

  • Bipolar concentric probe

    For even more precise and accurate localisation of a nerve, a BCS probe should be used. Its concentric, atraumatic build and ball tip makes it suitable even for the preparation and stimulation of deeper tissue. Its main applications are ENT and OMFS.

  • Monopolar probe

    Monopolar probes require a reference electrode in order to close the stimulation circuit. The positioning of the reference electrode in relation to the probe tip touching the tissue defines the electric field through which the stimulation current flows. It is thus possible to locate nerves in tissue areas further away from the probe tip. However, the stimulus artefact triggered by the probe is often higher than when using bipolar probes

  • Monopolar probe "Pedicle Screw"

    Our monopolar ball tip probe is particularly suitable to ensure that bore holes are positioned without damage to nerves before and during the fixation of fractures and the placing of pedicle screws. The ball tip ensures that all nerves can be stimulated, wherever they are in the bore hole.

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