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  • Benefit from Synergies

    Deymed Diagnostic successfully develops innovative products and solutions for neurological diagnosis and therapy. Their systems perfectly complement the product lines of Dr. Langer Medical GmbH for intra-operative neuromonitoring and neurostimulation. The sophisticated products of both companies, the immense expertise in both highly-specialised areas and the highly qualified professional employees make the partnership between Deymed Diagnostic and Dr. Langer Medical something extra special.

    Sharing knowledge and technology, learning from each other and paired with short decision paths enables us to rapidly construct new systems, making us a very powerful team. You can also benefit from the synergy of our partnership and be inspired by the products.

    Deymed Diagnostic and Dr. Langer Medical - a strong partnership...

  • Completely Powered by Batteries

    Years ago, our developers boldly decided to build 100% battery-powered signal pre-amplifiers, which proved to be a real success story. Free from interference, the smallest signal fluctuations can be reliably detected and evaluated. You do not even need to worry about the charge condition of the amplifier’s batteries because, thanks to the latest technology, one charge is sufficient for several months of continuous operation.

  • Higher Sampling Rates Through Digital Signal Processors

    The information content of neurophysiological signals can be considerably increased by increasing the sampling rate and through using intelligent signal pre-processing methods. In comparison to other systems, our developers even reduced the size of the resultant files by more than 50%. Processing time and storage capacity - that equates to time and money that you can save. The advantage over analogue systems - important parameters for signal processing can be changed at any time simply by pressing a key.

  • Optic Isolation

    Optic isolation was one of our biggest challenges and you will clearly see the excellent results. We were able to increase patient safety, whilst at the same time reduce the sources of interference on the signal quality in equal measures. Using this new technology, and combined with the battery operation of our pre-amplifier, connecting all of the components has never been easier.

  • Click N'Go Mobility

    Why buy two completely separate units: one for static use and the other for mobile use? With the unique amplifier concept that we have developed, you can simply remove the measurement amplifier complete with stimulators from your stationary system using your fingers and "click" it into your laptop to make a mobile measurement system. You don’t even need an external power supply - have we convinced you?

  • Continuous Impedance Monitoring

    We make it easier for you. In the future, you will not even need to worry about the electrode-tissue contact of your patients any more. Our permanent impedance monitoring reliably informs you of the conductivity status at any time during the measurements. An incredible feeling that our new DSP technology provides to you.

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