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    Comprehensive sleep studies are much easier with our SomniPro® system. Along with other important features such as remote access from any networked computer or the completely configurable report formats including the hypnogram and other meaningful parameters, the simultaneous video streaming via network complements the performance of this system.

  • Available Channels:


    - 6 EEG, 4 EMG, 3 EOG

    - 2 Respiratory Effort

    - 1 Body position, 1 Thermistor

    - 1 Snoring Sensor

    - 1 ECG, SpO2

  • Powerful "picture in picture" or "side by side" video functions with MPEG-4 compression enables patients to be observed in detail - even in the dark using powerful infrared lamps.


  • The versatile analysis functions enable the simple and straightforward creation of clinically complete PSG reports including all of the parameters recorded and the corresponding calculations for AHI and RDI. The reports can be completely customised according to your requirements using RTF, Microsoft Word or Open Office templates as the starting point.


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