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    You will be amazed when you see how only a few cables that are mostly invisible to the eye are necessary to quickly and easily connect the components of the measurement station together. The aim of working without errors coupled with a unique touch of aesthetics has influenced the design of our devices.

  • You will quickly realise how easy it is to navigate our software without hidden "pull-down menus" and multiple, nested windows. All of the buttons and configuration options can be found in a well thought-out and clear layout, which is always repeated, regardless of the next measurement to be performed. 

    Operating the TruTrace TM EMG system will feel very familiar even after only a few minutes.

  • The completely battery powered EMG amplifiers and stimulators guarantee interference-free measurements. In addition, the 'Click N'Go' function enables instant portability.


  • The ergonomic and functional EMG keyboard enables simple and quick operation, regardless whether you are right or left handed.


  • Examinations are carried out very quickly using the new stimulation hand piece. The programmable function keys also enable customised operation to suit your requirements.


  • Why buy two completely separate units: one for static use and the other for mobile use? With the unique amplifier concept that we have developed, you can simply remove the measurement amplifier complete with stimulators from your stationary system using your fingers and "click" it into your laptop to make a mobile measurement system. You don’t even need an external power supply - have we convinced you?


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