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Our technology is your security

  • The Classic - AVALANCHE® XT

    Many satisfied customers all over the world use our reliable AVALANCHE® XT neuromonitors. The concept of using one versatile, portable modular machine for a wide range of applications was the key to its success.

  • Modular

    AVALANCHE® XT is a name that stands for an integrated concept of systems for the intraoperative identification and function control of nerves and cerebral structures – in other words – intraoperative neuromonitoring. 

    AVALANCHE® XT neuromonitors are part of a modular system that makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. This helps customers to keep their costs down, while keeping their options for future upgrading open. Upgrades can be purchased at any time.

    EMG • SEP • MEP • AEP

  • Intuitive

    Its strong points are not only its compact size, which makes it easy to fit into any operating theatre, but also its easy-to-use touch-screen. Its sophisticated documentation functions allow you to take records of major intraoperative events at any time. Even if you cannot remember a particular event, it will be recorded automatically and can be accessed later for processing or storage in a central archive.

  • Representative

    You will agree that each hospital has its own procedures as well as its own ways to present itself to the public. Surgical reports are very much part of the public face of a hospital. You may want to adapt your surgical reports to your hospital’s corporate design. We are there to accommodate your wishes, for printed reports as well as for documents in electronic form. 

  • Intelligent

    Continuous monitoring generates a vast amount of data within a very short time, and only sophisticated software can select or retrieve important events from the enormous data volume and thus support decision-making and documentation. Our full disclosure function enables the continuous monitoring of the Nervus laryngeus recurrens in thyroid surgery.

  • Convenient

    Equipment trolleys are not just useful - they can even look stylish. Our trolleys accommodate all necessary components even for the most complex monitoring systems, e.g. in spine surgery. Everything is neatly tucked away yet easily accessible. Connecting cables are stored out of sight, but remain plugged into the correct jacks - avoiding unnecessary errors. All individual system components can be switched on by one flick of the main switch. 

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