Stimulation probes

Electric stimulation of nerves and neuronal structures

The choice is yours: Bipolar or monopolar, conventional or minimally invasive, with or without microscope.

Reusable or disposable accessories - Our range offers a matching solution for virtually all situations.

Our stimulation probes have been made with special attention to ergonomics.

Quality made in Germany by Dr. Langer Medical.


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Tube electrode

Signal acquisition at the vocalis muscle

Our adhesive tube electrode which has proved its worth over 10 years has been further improved: Numbered application papers, a marker that shows the distance to the cuff, a printed centre line and extra long contact surfaces - sophisticated details that make it easier to use. Our tube electrode can be used on tubes with various diameters - adding adaptability

  • extremely thin
  • ultra-elastic
  • easy to place
  • large contact surfaces




Intubation and lead placement in a single step

Our cutting-edge technology saves valuable time because electrodes need not be stuck on individually.

The extra-long, conductive contact surfaces are extremely position-tolerant, and the tube remains flexible at all times. It has never been easier to position an electrode on the vocal cords.



permanent vagus nerve stimulation

Our saxophone electrode provides you with one of the safest systems for the continuous monitoring of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. The new approach that allows the vagus nerve to be continuously stimulated outside the immediate operation site provides additional safety where repetitive surgery is required.

The new saxophone electrode encloses the nerve and its shape is adapted to the anatomical structures. The flexible, open design and the integrated electrodes ensure there is no risk of nerve compression. Yet, the vagus nerve is sufficiently enclosed by the saxophone electrode to ensure reliable stimulation and stable neuronal signals.


Colour-coded needle electrodes for recording and stimulation

Whether one or several channels are required for the recording of EMG or EP signals or nerves and muscular tissue are to be stimulated, needle electrodes by Dr. Langer Medical GmbH will give you ample choice for neuromonitoring.

Various lengths, shapes and geometric arrangements as well as a palette of colours to suit your particular application purposes are available - the choice is yours.

Subdural Strip Electrodes

with 4, 6 or 8 contacts

Detection of the central sulcus with AVALANCHE® PLUS

Phase reversal SEP measurements can be used to identify the central sulcus. The potentials evoked by stimulation at the wrist (median nerve) are detected directy at the cortex using strip electrodes.

Contact spacing 10 mm, cable length 1.85 m, with connectors according to DIN 42802-1, single sterile packed, disposable, PE = 1 pc.


The monopolar suction probe

for subcortical mapping

The monopolar suction probe allows subcortical stimulation and simultaneous aspiration of fluids and tissues in a single step.

Applications: Mapping during tumor resection near the pyramidal tract, spinal surgery, TOETVA.

Length 130 mm and 260 mm, with connectors according to DIN 42802-1, single sterile packed, disposable, PE = 5 pcs.

Equipment trolley

For perfect positioning of our AVALANCHE® SI at eye level

Contemporary and ergonomic design - functional and mobile. The equipment trolley has been especially made for our AVALANCHE® SI neuromonitor. Its shelves, holders and concealed lead channels, and a drawer that easily house accessories, headbox and printer help to keep your work environment tidy. That way, everything will be at hand and our AVALANCHE® SI will be ready in no time.