SomniPro PSG System

for the polysomnography

that are part of the network or freely configurable report formats with hypnograms and other relevant parameters enhance the performance of the system.

Available channels:

  • 6 EEG, 4 EMG, 3 EOG
  • 2 Respiratory Effort
  • 1 body position sensor, 1 thermistor
  • 1 snoring sensor
  • 1 EKG, SpO2


PSG measuring and PSG evaluation

The powerful image-within-image or side-by-side video function with MPEG-4 compression enables close patient surveillance, even in the dark, due to an efficient infrared light.

The versatile evaluation functions make it easy to compile a complete clinical PSG report, including all recorded parameters and AHI and RDI calculations. In line with your business card, you can adapt your reports using RTF, MS Word or Open Office templates to suit you.

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