TruTrace EMG System

for use in neurophysiology

You will be thrilled to see that only a few leads - most of them concealed - are required to connect the components of the measuring systems quickly and easily. The idea of a seamless workflow, combined with an artistic touch was behind the design of our equipment.

You will soon realize how easy our software is to navigate - no hidden drop-down menus or windows within windows. All keys and settings have been arranged in a clear layout that you will recognize, no matter what the actual measuring task involves.

Even a few minutes of using the TruTrace EMG system will make it feel familiar.


System features and their advantages

EMG amplifiers and stimulators work entirely on batteries, which ensures disruption-free recording. The Click N’Go function makes for instant portability.

No matter whether you are right- or left-handed - the ergonomic and functional keyboard is a breeze to use.

The new hand-held stimulation device helps to carry out examinations reasonably fast. You can adapt functionality to your needs by using programmable keyboard shortcuts.

Why buy two devices, one for stationary and one for mobile use?

We developed a unique amplifier design that allows you to unlock amplifiers and stimulators from the stationary system and click them into your mobile notebook measuring station. There is not even the need for an external source of electricity - how does that sound?

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