32-channel neuromonitor for spine surgery

The PLUS concept: Focusing on essentials

Exactly the neuromonitor you always wanted. Discover our AVALANCHE® PLUS, a completely new approach to IONM. You will be inspired by its clear structure and intuitive operation.

Can a 32-channel system get any simpler? 

Learning the system functions of the AVALANCHE® PLUS is a cinch. Quickly determine your signal channels from the visual display and control everything directly via touch screen. Your EMG, SEP and MEP signals stay reliably in view during surgery.
Design meets functionality
whether with a stylish cart or as a slim desktop device.


IONM in a novel concept

Visual configuration

Simply select individual muscle groups and assign them to the desired measuring window. Assign the connectors and your configuration is done.

The markers make it easy to retrace lead assignment at any time.

The process is even easier for SEP.

AVALANCHE® PLUS comes with predefined signal channels. Create your measuring window with the touch of a button. The system automatically assigns the stimulators. Choose the electrode connections and you are ready to go.

Setup can be that easy.


Working hand in hand with your system

The PLUS concept: Patient connections made easy.

Colour and shape-coded connectors on the stimulator ensure the unequivocal allocation of connectors to the matching socket.

AVALANCHE® PLUS  can do even more:
It helps you connect the lead electrodes. When you select a muscle on the screen, a white LED will display the proper connection. The muscle is highlighted in the anatomical overview. You can immediately recognise the electrode position and connector socket.

Once the electrode has been placed, AVALANCHE® PLUS will continuously check the electrode contact. Green stands for excellent contact, while yellow means that contact is sufficient and red indicates a loss of contact.

Everything in view

... you stay in control.

The large touch screen of the  AVALANCHE® PLUS  keeps all essential signals and signal changes in view.

Open and apply saved measuring configurations at any time. Change stimulator parameters directly from the main window via quick stimulator access.

Documentation at the push of a button.

Create screenshots in a single step. Simply select events and generate a PDF report - done!