32-channel neuromonitor for neuro- and spine surgery

The anatomical design of the user interface of our AVALANCHE® PLUS inspires its users and revolutionizes intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM).

The consistent visual configuration guides the user and facilitates proper handling. The AVALANCHE® PLUS is intuitive to learn and easy to operate. This increases efficiency, saves valuable time.

Perform the visual configuration completely via touchscreen, select individual muscle groups and assign them to the desired measurement window via DRAG & DROP, have a reliable view of the neurophysiological signals during the operation and then conveniently generate a PDF report. Exactly this kind of operating concept has never been implemented before in this field of medical technology. 

The art of neuromonitoring - this is not only our slogan. The user interface graphics are objects of art that reflect our philosophy from the very beginning. This newly created user experience leads to more confidence in using the neuromonitoring device. We intend to bring more quality to the operating room with our devices with the goal of providing patients with even better care.

32-channel neuromonitor


Our new AVALANCHE® PLUS takes a completely new approach to operation. We call it ASSISTANCE PACKAGE®, because you are guided through the typical workflow of a surgery in four assisted steps. You will feel the advantages of our well thought-out concept. Just like a modern smartphone, all tasks are performed via touch screen. This is not only fun, but also promotes understanding of the complex multimodal neuromonitoring.

After a brief period of familiarisation, you will learn to appreciate the advantages of the system, you will need less time, errors will be found more quickly and largely avoided thanks to the ASSISTANCE PACKAGE® - our goal, more patient safety.

makes you a specialist

See - Understand - Apply

Experience more of the ease with which you will perform neuromonitoring in the future. With our ASSISITANCE PACKAGE® in the new AVALANCHE® PLUS.

You will see the difference - we promise!


You decide what you need

Handling our AVALANCHE® PLUS is guaranteed to be a new experience. You will master the system in no time at all. From the visual display, you determine your signal recordings in a flash. You control everything simply and clearly on the touch screen. No more thousands of functions and hidden screen windows that no one can remember.

Select individual muscle groups and assign them to the desired measurement window via DRAG & DROP. AVALANCHE® PLUS knows predefined recordings, e.g. for evoked potentials. Your measurement window is created at the touch of a button. The system automatically assigns the stimulators. You select connections for the electrodes and are ready to go. And the best thing: the system remembers all settings for you. With the help of markers, you can see at any time which recordings have been set – this is how quick it can be.


Patient connection made easy

AVALANCHE® PLUS shows you at any time which electrodes are connected where or which connections are still missing. Our colour- and shape-coded connections, e.g. on our numerous stimulator outputs, can be quickly and clearly assigned.

AVALANCHE® PLUS also supports you in connecting the recording electrodes. When you select a muscle on the screen or a cortical recording position in the 10-20 system, a white LED on the amplifier near the patient shows you the correct connection. Not only can you find the exact electrode position immediately, but you can, for example, identify a bad electrode contact causing signal interference without significant loss of time. Because as soon as the electrode is placed, AVALANCHE® PLUS continuously checks the electrode contact and even displays it directly on the preamplifier. Green for very good contact, yellow for sufficient contact and red for loss of contact - it could hardly be simpler.


Never miss a thing

On the large touchscreen of the AVALANCHE® PLUS, you have all configured signals in view at all times. Separate views are also available for each modality - if the other modalities are not so important at the moment. RF interferences from electrosurgical units are automatically detected and faded out - without additional sensors that must be awkwardly attached. Recordings with unusuall high impedance are displayed in red, a click on the channel and the LED on the preamplifier shows the respective electrode. The error is quickly corrected and the signal can be recognised as “clean” again.

Stored measurement setups can be called up and used at any time. Via the quick access to the stimulators, you change the stimulation intensity for each stimulator directly from the main window and see its influence on the signal quality. Keep a full signal overview during the entire surgery to make sure you don‘t miss a thing.


Final report at the touch of a button

Create screenshots in a single step. Simply select events and generate a PDF report -  in four steps to the result. Ready.

red dot award 2023

User Interface Design

In 2023, our AVALANCHE® PLUS  was once again able to impress at one of the most important design competitions. It received the coveted RED DOT DESIGN Award 2023 in the User Interface (UI) category.

"In search of good design" - the Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions worldwide. The Red Dot label has established itself internationally as one of the most coveted seals of quality for good design. In order to be able to expertly evaluate the diversity in this field, the award is divided into three disciplines. Each of these competitions is held once a year.

This award is a confirmation of our outstanding design and engineering skills. It is not without reason that the slogan: the art of neuromonitoring has accompanied us for over 10 years.



iF DESIGN Award 2021

As early as 2021, our AVALANCHE® PLUS received the coveted iF DESIGN Award in the User Interface (UI) category.

Every year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world's most famous and valuable design competitions: the iF DESIGN AWARD

The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world - with more than 4,700 participants from 56 countries in 2021.

Owned by the certified non-profit iF Design Foundation, which promotes design and its social significance, the iF DESIGN AWARD is completely independent. In addition, international design experts guarantee a transparent and fair jury process that gives every participant an equal chance of winning.

Making of


The last few months have been a unique experience for our entire team. It's unbelievable how much work goes into a project like this and which details ultimately make the difference.

Whether on the Kandelfelsen, in the neurosurgery department in Günzburg or in our Waldkirch headquarters, everyone was always fully committed and we think the result is really something to be proud of!

We would particularly like to thank Prof. König and his great team from the University Hospital Ulm for their kind support. And now, without further ado, we present:

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